How to ask for updates on the outcome of the selection

If it’s been a long time since you interviewed, and you still haven’t received an email or a call from the recruiter, it’s helpful to get in touch with him/her for updates on the selection.

Most candidates struggle when deciding how to contact the recruiter after the interview and when to do so.

Once the job interview is over, candidates expect to receive feedback shortly thereafter and the frustration increases the longer the wait.

However, you have to keep in mind that the selection process can take a very long time.

The recruiter, or the person conducting the interview, must interview all potential candidates, which can take a few weeks, depending on both their availability and that of the candidates.

Also, consider the unforeseen events that may arise and that slow down the selection: maybe the company has had to manage a more important urgency, or the recruiter has slowed down the work for some reason, or again, it could be that the choice of the candidate requires the evaluation of a group of people and this inevitably lengthens the time.

The best solution to keep your stress under control and know what to expect is to always ask the recruiter, at the end of each job interview, what the timing of the selection will be. This way you will also know when it is more appropriate to ask for updates on your application.

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When to ask for updates on the selection

While it’s okay for a candidate to want to receive updates regarding their application for a position, it’s important to do so at the right time.

If, at the end of the interview, you asked the recruiter what the timing of the selection would be or when he would contact you, wait for that date to arrive.

If after this time the recruiter has not contacted you, wait a couple of days from the date he communicated to you before sending your email requesting updates.

If you have no idea when the recruiter might contact you, you can send your email a week after the job interview. An acceptable time is in fact between the first and second week after the interview.

If your fear of getting in touch with the recruiter or the company is that of being a nagging candidate, don’t worry. By respecting the right ways and times, you will give the company a positive message about you.

Sending an email to know the status of the selection or the outcome of the interview communicates that you are strongly interested in the position offered, that you are attentive It is determined. So don’t hesitate!

How to ask for updates

It is important to follow some rules and have the right tone in the email you send to the recruiter so that he/she makes him/her respond more easily.

You must formulate your message to make it clear that you are excited about the possibility of having that role and are waiting to know the outcome of the selection.

Follow these guidelines to structure an effective and persuasive email:

Choose a precise and direct email subject

The subject of the email is essential, it will affect whether the recruiter will read your email or not. The recruiter must easily be able to associate your email with your application and understand your intentions even before reading your message.

Be brief

In the body of your email, write your message short and concise. The recruiter has no desire or time to read a long email full of useless details, you have to make sure that they read your message quickly. For this, go straight to the point without going into detail.

Reiterate your interest in the position

Support your request for updates regarding the selection by explaining that that location matches what you are looking for. Briefly explain why you think it is the right one for you and what contribution you can make to the company.

Make your request specifically

When formulating your question, be specific, ask a specific question about what you want to know, for example, if you are still on the list of potential candidates, or you can ask when you will receive feedback or how the selection will continue.

Show yourself available

In the message you send to the recruiter, remember to show yourself available and open to a further meeting, or a call, to clarify any doubts about your application. Communicate your availability to the recruiter.

Be courteous

You need to convey professionalism and seriousness with your message, which is why you must keep a polite tone. Talk to the recruiter using their name and remember to always thank them for their time and attention.

Make sure you don’t make any mistakes

Before sending your email, make sure you have not made any typos or grammatical errors. Remember that every action you take is evaluated to see if you could be the ideal candidate to hire, so be careful not to make even the most trivial mistakes.

Here’s an example of an email asking for updates on the selection

Subject: request for updates on the selection for the position of Marketing Manager

Dear Madam/Mr **,

I took the interview for the position of Marketing Manager on the day **. I am convinced that this position fits perfectly into my career path and that I can contribute, thanks to my experience, to the objectives of the company. Therefore, I and ask if my application is still being considered.

I am available to clarify any doubts or questions if necessary. You can contact me at the number below or directly by replying to this email.

Thank you for your attention and I await your kind reply.



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Mistakes not to commit

As we previously mentioned, the email requesting updates to the recruiter allows you to reiterate your interest and show your professionalism and dedication.
There are, however, mistakes to avoid when contacting the recruiter. Let’s see the most frequent:

Put pressure on the recruiter

In no way should you show impatience or communicate to the recruiter that since you have other interviews or job offers you want to know quickly the outcome of the selection.

Asking for updates immediately after the interview

It is important that you give the recruiter and the company time to organize and make the right decisions, so you don’t have to write to the recruiter immediately after the interview. It is acceptable to write 1 to 2 weeks after the interview.

Bombard the interviewer with questions

Don’t make the mistake of asking the interviewer multiple questions in a single message. Limit yourself to a maximum of two specific questions so that he/she can give you an equally straightforward answer.

Asking irrelevant questions

Another mistake in asking questions is asking the recruiter for information that is not important at this stage. Such as questions regarding working hours, salary, etc. First, you will need to receive the job offer, then you can dispel your doubts.

Send one email after another

If within a couple of days the recruiter has not yet responded to your email to request updates, do not make the mistake of sending another one immediately. Give the recruiter enough time to reply, if after a week of sending your email you have not yet received a reply, you can contact him with a second email.

In general, remember to keep a friendly and professional tone, avoid putting pressure on your interlocutor.

Even if you are impatient to get updates on your interview and selection, try to be calm and respectful of the recruiter’s and company times. You must not give the impression of being a nagging and desperate candidate, otherwise, you will not be considered.

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